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We're opening our "MEMBERS ONLY" vault for everyone to enjoy though the end of the year.  Sign up today, it's free, and then listen to all of the finished songs we've  recorded on our LIVE show so far!  

This includes songs by: The Real Fakes, Emby Alexander, The Bayou Bandits, Brian Chartrand, Courtesy Call, Vanilla Aardvark, The Psychedelephants, John G. Willis, Ray Herndon, El West, People Who Could Fly, Chateau Chateau, Jim Bachmann and the Day Drinkers, Vinyl Station, Paper Foxes, Gabe Kubanda, Jeordie Schekeryk, Glen Crimson, Palomas, JTM3, Japhy's Descent, Radio Blonde and more. 

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About The Recording Artist provides music enthusiasts access to live recording sessions and other behind the scenes content in an interactive manner.  Each week, we webcast a two hour recording session featuring a different band.  During the session, the band attempts to complete the recording of one of their original songs from scratch, layer by layer before the two hour time limit is reached. 


Our members approve the bands for the show, pick the songs to be recorded on the show and live chat with the bands during the recording sessions. 

We've also recently launched our reality TV show featuring content from these recording sessions along with behind the scenes footage of meetings and rehearsals.  The show is currently available on Amazon Prime Video called "The Recording Artist".

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"The drum tutorials I watched were fascinating - thank you for posting those videos." - Lisa P., Subscribing Member
"Had an unbelievable time doing a live streamed recording sure to sign up at for one of the most incredible interactive experiences the music industry has to offer." - Zachary Siegel, bassist for Chateau Chateau
"The new Paper Foxes bleeds so much old school!...I love it!...what you are doing at TheRecordingArtist is freaking rad!" - Ryan B. Clark, author
"The Recording Artist experience has taught me to listen to music differently. I have a much greater appreciation, and better understanding of all the nuances that go into creating and recording a great song!" - Deb P., Subscribing Member
"The Recording Artist live stream ... was so awesome.  Definitely the coolest experience of my musical career this far.  So new and different." - Jarrod Compton, guitarist for The Real Fakes
"That was a blast...watching the mix down now! Otto D'Agnolo is a Weapon!!!" - David Marshall Bornhoft, drummer
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