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Making music on TV LIVE on-line.  It's the best of both worlds!

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"The drum tutorials I watched were fascinating - thank you for posting those videos." - Lisa P., Subscribing Member
"The Recording Artist live stream ... was so awesome.  Definitely the coolest experience of my musical career this far.  So new and different." - Jarrod Compton, guitarist for The Real Fakes
"Had an unbelievable time doing a live streamed recording sure to sign up at for one of the most incredible interactive experiences the music industry has to offer." - Zachary Siegel, bassist for Chateau Chateau
"The new Paper Foxes bleeds so much old school!...I love it!...what you are doing at TheRecordingArtist is freaking rad!" - Ryan B. Clark, author
"The Recording Artist experience has taught me to listen to music differently. I have a much greater appreciation, and better understanding of all the nuances that go into creating and recording a great song!" - Deb P., Subscribing Member

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