Our weekly recording sessions have been put on hold until we complete post production on Season #1 for TV.  Our May 26th session with Chrome Rhino completed our first 12 months of recording sessions which began with The Real Fakes on June 2nd last year and has included over 40 bands!

These recording sessions will resume as soon as we are finished editing Season #1 for TV.

What does this mean for your Membership?

It means you'll be putting a little money back in your pocket!

All subscription charges will be suspended on May 31st. 


You will not be charged another monthly fee until we resume our live recording shows in the coming months.  When we begin again, it will be on the 1st day of the month so no one will receive any kind of overlapping monthly charge.

If you've purchased an Annual A&R Membership, we'll be contacting you directly in the coming days to offer you some options regarding the unused portion of your membership.

What's happening in the meantime?

In the meantime, you will retain access to your membership pages.  In fact, every free member and each subscribing member will have access to all of our pages during this time.  

Additionally, we plan to have a number of publicly available A&R Meetings.  These meetings will be posted on our "Upcoming Events" page.


When we resume the live webcasts, proper access will be restored to each members actual subscription level and subscription fees will again apply. 


If you have any further questions contact us here.