El West talks about TheRecordingArtist.com

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Comments and Reviews

"That was a blast...watching the mix down now! Otto D'Agnolo is a Weapon!!!" - David Marshall Bornhoft, drummer

"The drum tutorials I watched were fascinating - thank you for posting those videos." - Lisa P., Subscribing Member

"The new Paper Foxes bleeds so much old school!...I love it!...what you are doing at TheRecordingArtist is freaking rad!" - Ryan B. Clark, author

"The Recording Artist experience has taught me to listen to music differently. I have a much greater appreciation, and better understanding of all the nuances that go into creating and recording a great song!" - Deb P., Subscribing Member

"I can NOT put into words how much fun this whole experience with The Recording Artist has been for me!" - Mike J., Subscribing Member

"Before recommending anything to you, I screen it first. I know you trust me to turn you on to only the best.   Well, folks - The Recording Artist  not only gets my seal of approval, it ranks as snooze you lose. So don’t !!!" - Ross Ojeda, former A&M Records Promotion Executive