You decide how you want to participate.  Change your membership level anytime.

BASIC Membership - $3.99/mo

BASIC Level Members  get to watch our recording sessions LIVE on-line. 


Playback of the full 2 hour recording sessions remain available for one week to accommodate the schedules of our members that can't catch the session live.   After a week, the full replay is taken down and replaced with a shorter RECAP Video that remains on the site  indefinitely .

As a BASIC Level Member you also get to stream all of the songs recorded here at anytime you like.

A&R Membership - $6.99/mo

The A&R Department has a hand in running the show at 


As an A&R Level Member you'll have all the benefits of the BASIC Membership AND access to the LIVE CHAT on the big screen in the control room during the recording sessions, which means you'll be able to communicate directly with the musicians, cast and crew while they're recording.   


Occasionally, our Head of A&R posts questions regarding which bands and songs we should record on the show.  As members of the A&R Department, you'll have input on these decisions and more.  

Change or cancel your membership at anytime.